Taschler Haus Boutique Hotel

- the story of the house -


Taschler Haus Boutique Hotel is a Saxon house, placed in Sighisoara’s city center offering accommodation next to the citadel’s wall and being located only 150m away from the famous clock tower, the symbol of the citadel. The house has 10 rooms, each of them is telling a different story, having the names inspired by Saxon craftsmen trades with specific symbols and decorations typical of that time.

The property is listed for the best value for money in Sighisoara. Through the decoration, the symbols and the ambiance we respected the history of this house, dating from the 1670s. We always welcome our guests with flowers, fresh fruits, a small welcome surprise and plenty of devotion and warmth. Besides Romanian, we also speak English and German.


The  house is a monument of category A for international importance and is located in an area listed in the World Heritage List – The Historic Center of Sighisoara. Throughout the time, Taschler Haus served as a residential house and bakery.

The  house in its current form was completed in the first half of the XVIIIth century, although the Taschler house is certainly much older. The dating of its beginnings is impossible to say due to the absence of archaeological and archival information.

After being destroyed by a large fire in 1788, in 1790 the house was bought and completely restored by Michel Friedrich Wultschner, back then the mayor of the royal free town and county Sighisoara.


The reception is decorated with antique furniture, hand-painted Saxon motifs and has many symbols from the beginning of the citadel and the town Sighisoara.

The most spectacular handemade painting here is the one behind the office reception, representing the legend of the coming of the Saxons in Transylvania. The painting is inspired by the legend of the Children of Hameln, where the singer through the charmed wisthle brought the Saxon children to Transylvania, who then established the 7 Citadels (Siebenbürgen). These 7 Citadels are illustrated as swallow’s nests placed in the crown of the tree.

In the reception there is as well a painting showing a highly detailed  scene from a bakery. A special symbol found in the reception is the weaving printed with lines from the prayer “Our Father” (“Give us today our daily bread”).

On the way to the reception, one can admire the special Saxon painting in the vault with a welcome message, the logo Taschler Haus and a chest of drawers painted with Saxon motifs. All these welcome the guests at Taschler Haus with an insight to the special traditional Saxon ambiance they will find throughout the entire house.


The courtyard consist of plenty traditional elements and decorations, showing the work and life of the peasants and the Saxons’ households.

Among the decoration is found a manger, a box for the storage of cereals – an element found in every Saxon household, a fan for separation of chaff from grain and two mannequins dressed in national Saxon (German) costumes, located at the entrance and illustrating the hosts that welcomes their guests in their home.

Not even the courtyard is missing the handmade paintings, such as the one with the blindfolded goose which chooses a girl from the ones participating at the game. This lucky girl will be the one getting married in that year.

The cellar includes both objects and symbols of traditional Saxon households such as grinders, winepresses to squeez the grapes and various tools and instruments used by the Saxons and peasants in their households.

In addition to the traditional Saxon elements, in the cellar can be found handmade paintings showing various Saxon scenes, like the painting with the dancing weavers and the ribbon dance, which the Saxons used to dance on celebrations in the citadel.

The cellar consists of two rooms where small events can take place. In the wine cellar you can enjoy selected wines from our region.

The declaration of Michel Friedrich Wultschner when he bought the house